29 Jan 2016
Billionaire Dies and Wakes Up Having Nine More Lives to Live
Barry Sonnenfeld's next directorial work outside the area of TV series is Nine Lives, and it's coming after the acclaimed contribution that Sonnenfeld had in Men in Black 3 . Kevin Spacey a.k.a. Tom Brand and Jennifer Garner (Lara) are a beautiful billionaire couple with two kids, that is until one day Tom has an accident and, through a strange and mystical way, he becomes a ...tomcat, and his name is Mr. Fuzzypants. Already hating cats and being used to always being the head of the family and the one everyone is looking up to, Tom Brand now has to learn how life is for a cat as he ends up adopted by his own family. The movie will be out on August 5th.

Take a look at the official trailer:

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