26 Jan 2016
No Mistakes in "A War"
The guerrilla war, roughly defined by ambushes that involve mostly a small group of people, is the specific way of fighting in the 21st century. Tobias Lindholm's movie A War isn't defined by a certain approach to the war in Afghanistan, but as an accurate eye into the days of a company commander (Pilou Asbaek) that is responsible for everything that happens both with his men and with the untouchable civilian population. In the past, when something happened in a war, the events were impossible to view up close, leaving the history books full of unresolved questions. But now, every move is so scrupulously examined, that no mistake can ever occur, in a perpetually changing battlefield. A War is yet another one of Lindholm's films that resolves around moral dilemmas in a way that leaves no other way of escaping than by facing our errors as they are. The film is out on February 12.

Take a look at the official trailer:

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