3 Nov 2015
Romanticism and Cynicism in "By the Sea(I)"
The fourth directorial work of Angelina Jolie, the movie By the Sea (I) follows the troubled relationship of writer Roland (Brad Pitt) and his ex-dancer wife Vanessa (Angelina Jolie) in the 1970's France. With not so much narrative and dialogue presented in its two trailers, and even if in the plot other people appear too in their otherwise lonesome life, but not in the trailers, the film is intriguing enough to make audiences expect its theatrical release. With picturesque sceneries and an interest in relationships and boredom, the film is attractive in the way that today's romanticism and cynicism are both present in almost every couple's life, and seem to be the two ways of presenting the story. The movie is out on November 13.

Take a look at the second trailer:

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