In the 1990s, 475 Kent, a warehouse in Brooklyn, is transformed into lofts by a group of reputable artists with permission of the landlord, using their own funds. The close knit community thrives and is welcomed into the community until ten years later on a cold Sunday night in January of 2008 when without warning their building is invaded by firemen and government agencies who militaristically and menacingly evict the three hundred families, some with babies as young as six weeks old. What could have caused such a rash decision?... A decision by an unknown authority that the grain stored for the famous Matzo Factory (operating for ten years in the basement) was in imminent danger of exploding. Although the grain could have been removed within hours the people of 475 Kent were on the street and homeless. Despite insurmountable odds, this community courageously unites against dire circumstances with unprecedented results. The filmmaker shares the world of three individuals over the course of five years, deciding it was important to see the long-term results of this eviction on their health, their work and on the place that once was. They are Deborah Masters - Sculptor, Guy Lesser - Writer/Educator and legendary Jazz Pianist - Connie Crothers. The filmmaker, Tyler A. Chase seeks out answers and becomes involved with Human Rights Award Winner, Shula Koenig who introduces her into the world of Human Rights and extraordinary individuals like Cathy Albisa and Tiffany Gardner of NESRI, Dr. Mindy Fullilove, Author of Root Shock who clarifies the concept of Root Shock at its inception as a community loses the creative elements that pervade its ecosystem. Years later the lives of the artists have changed and so has the community
Director: Tyler A. Chase