The Jackson 5... Million (2015)
The Jackson 5... Million is a feature documentary directed by Caroline Ledgin, whom has been dubbed the "MJ fan expert" by media outlets. Have you ever wondered what makes Michael Jackson's fans so devoted? Ever think about how much their passion fuels their actions, and wonder why they support the most famous pop star on the planet? And for that matter, have you ever wondered how MJ himself became such a global phenomenon? All those questions will be answered in this film which gets deeply involved with Michael Jackson fans on the most intimate levels. This film was shot mostly at the child molestation trial in 2005 (as well as in other areas of the U.S. and Europe); additional footage was filmed after MJ's unexpected death in 2009. The focus of this documentary is on the fans' support during the accusations against MJ, as well as these supporters' devastation experienced after his death. It was this devotion and connection fans feel/felt, that was the true inspiration for the film. The world of MJ fans is foreign to most; this film set out to explore this world that so many don't understand. The film exposes the most die-hard, most loyal and devoted fans, and gets into their hearts and minds so the rest of the world can gain a deep understanding of those who have supported Jackson throughout his life.
Director: Caroline Ledgin